Tim Sylvia vs Ray Mercer witness.

"Where, at a fucking Alabama buffet"

A 6'8" man walking around at 290 can eat!!!!

"Alabama is a fat state, its probably pretty easy to put on the pounds there quickly"

Good food and great people.

How many would you say were in the crowd? What percentage full was the venue?

I haven't heard anything about the crowd size.


Mc Fly - i like how tim accused ray of having a criminal record in the press conference.

tim got what he deserved.
He didn't accuse Mercer for having criminal record. He said "I don't have criminal record yet..." and was then interrupted by Mercer but it's clear he referred to the fact that by participating in illegal boxing match he would get one so the fight has to be MMA.

Pretty sure I heard him say something about eating Tacos the night before in the press conference.

"Sylvia didn't shit himself when he got KTFO"

He didn't smart-ass. I cut off his ankle wraps after the fight.

"I haven't heard anything about the crowd size"

Not great but could have opened the door to doing more shows in AL.

"Damn id say he is devastated his career is pretty much over in terms of being an elite fighter"

I don't think so. Its hard to name 10 good MMA fighters over 205lb. He will always be a former UFC champion and 1 or 2 fight away from being in the mix again.

joejordanKY- How was Tim doing mentally after the fight?

Tim vs Mercer was not a mma bout. It was only 9sec and one punch. That could have been kickboxing, boxing, street fighting or anything.

"How was Tim doing mentally after the fight"

He was quiet. He had to ask what happened a few times backstage. He was out cold and it took a while for him to get up. Ray has power and Tim got hit with all of it.

"From his posts above, it sounds like he only hung out with the winner. lol"

Tim and I are friends and we had lunch before the event. I was with him for about 40 mins after the fight. I didn't see him after that. I'm now on vacation with my family.

Never was a big fan of Sylvia, but his fall from "grace" has been kind of sad.

Thanks for the first-hand account.


He has made lots of money and had his share of beautiful women. What more can a single man hope to have???

PS..I've seen the women and its true!!!!!!

For his sake, I hope he saved some of that cash. Right now, it's not looking like he'll ever get a big pay day again.. If he was smart, he'd go over to Japan .. He'd probably get his spark back.

"he'd go over to Japan"

Sure and don't forget China. He was just in China for Art of War.

"For his sake, I hope he saved some of that cash"

Tim is known for many things and being tight with his money is near the top of the list!!!!!!

Could Tim Sylvia become to China, what David Hasselhoff is to Germany?

That's good.

"now there is a brave man"