Tim Tebow might be returning to the NFL

That’s a very good point.: Just off the top of my head, QBs who are or were not jacked like Tebow: Brady, Wilson, Brees, Elway, Simms, Montana.

Only if that pass is a 7 yard slant.

Tebow’s most famous pass was an 8 yard slant that Demaryius Thomas took like 80 yards, lol

That’s when it works most effectively, when teams aren’t expecting it. Tebow probably ain’t gonna hit a 50-yard bomb, but he could connect for a first down here and there.

You are not getting what I’m saying. Teams would welcome Tebow throwing. Hes that guy that you let run around the 3pt line because you know he cant hit one to save his life.

Every pass by Tebow today is a welcome sight for DBs.

Do people have such short memories on just how bad a passer Tebow was?

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Plenty of people excel at new positions. Antonio Gates was a basketball player. He never played a down of college football. Jimmy Graham was as well. He played a single year at the end for the Hurricanes.

Edelman was a college quarterback.

Technically, it’s not a new position.

Tebow recruited as a tight end/quaterback out of high school.

He played the position as was very good at it.

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He made a lot of good passes those two seasons
Also made a lot of passes way off target

Dude is tough as nails, athletic, and very strong.
He could play TE…the problem is will the team want a new TE with a media following.

His media following is what got him out of the NFL…Juice isn’t worth the squeeze

Way too old now to try to pick this up…what was his 40 time coming out of college?

Plenty? It happens, but it’s not plenty. The NFL is the most highly specialized position game in the world. No other game has 150lb players on the same field as 380lb players. People dedicate their entire career to a position.

Not saying it doesn’t happen, but it’s not common

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Urban Mayer was his college coach. They are boys. Mayer just bought home a few houses down from Tebow.

Tebow did way better in baseball than I thought he would for not playing for like 10 years. He made AAA but didn’t do so well there. He had a decent run at AA which is still high level shit.

I played D1 and most of the badasses I knew sure as shit didn’t make AAA or even AA.


I admit I thought he’d flop immediately; good for him, though.

This…my brother played A ball and I like busting his balls about how does it feel Tim Tebow is better than you? Lol

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His career completion % in the NFL is 47.9%. That’s hot garbage. Sure, he hits some passes once in a while…but he isn’t close to being consistent, and missed more than he hit.

He did have a magical season with the Broncos. It seemed like every week he would come from behind and have some miraculous win.

That’s awful

Looks like this is happening.