Tim Thomas Fight

Does anyone know the outcome of the Tim Thomas fight against Noriyuki Hayakawa as mentioned at www.bjj.com.au ?

hmm was it in japan? i dont know result. im sure it would be on that site if they are covering the event?

oh wells. hope tim won

it was a draw!!!!!!!!!

Hi MrJB. It was deemed a draw after 2 x 5mins plus a three min overtime. Most had it as going to Tim, though.

Who were the judges for the event?


grant from bujutsu, joe perry?? and ray matsumura

judges-Grant from Bujitsu, Toshiyuki Ito and Ray Matsumura

Will be good to see the tape. I heard the match was a fizzer which is a shame if accurate.

I take it the show was TV taped? Any feedback as to this making the cut?