Tim Welch EXPOSED as another BUM MMA "coach". Must read breakdown detailing it all!

Theres an epidemic in MMA of grapplers/BJJ phags/clown wrestlers thinking they know striking and start posing as “coaches” in MMA

And its for that reason why the level of striking in MMA is sooo shit

This man, Tim Welch, literally just said on ESPN that they “gameplanned” for Yan based on “what Yan typically likes to do” LMAO

Only in MMA do these bums gameplan based on stats/numbers and “situational patterns”

INSTEAD of gameplanning based on fundamentals, positions, flaws, how the opponent is positioned, setting traps etc, like they do in boxing - and like what I do (hence why im sought after for my knowledge/gameplans/advise/guidance)

When these MMA bums gameplan based on “patterns,” thats how you easily set them up. Show them that “pattern” they are expecting, and set them up. Fient what they are expecting out of them and set them up. Show them that 1 look than shoot, or give them other looks etc. When I gameplan for a big MMA fighter, thats why its always so easy for me!

Tim Welch said, “we exepected Yan to do this 1 pattern in this 1 situation, and he didnt really give us that”

No duh! No smart fighter will, you bum! Thats why a real boxing coach never gameplans based around “pattern.” Thats the kind of bum amature hour non sense you only see in MMA from these bum MMA “coaches” cough cough grapplers & wrestler phags posing as “striking experts”

It blatanly exposes Tim Welch for the BUM MMA coach he is

Tim wants to brag about how he “called a knee up the middle”

ALL these bum MMA phag coaches think its just a matter of, “just knee someone whos ducking”

And yet O’Malley only landed 1 grazing knee. How do you brag about that? All these bum MMA coaches say the same exact shit

It goes much deeper than, “just knee him bro”

But these bums in MMA dont know shit about fighting/positions

Just look to how Volk is always avoiding knees, because he dips/turns in, tight with a tight guard (boxing) either putting elbows to knees or taking head to opposite headslots, and parrying or catching and countering with his weight (proper boxing).

Volk is just unbelievable and the real p4p#1 because he has real fundamental boxing skills and among the highest fight IQ in all of combat sports - and that has to do with how Volk always has his weight with him (boxing) and KNOWS positions, knows positioning, always knows what he can do in that position vs that position, and always stays tight and turns in or out in the proper ways to block/catch/parry - and or put his head exactly where it always needs to be, with his weight being pushed correctly to counter off the block/catch quicker etc

Volk is the most purely skilled fighter ive ever seen in MMA. The guy is picture perfect perfection when he fights. Alex Volkanovski is the closest thing MMA has ever had to a Floyd Mayweather in that Volk always does the right things in the right positions, and rarely ever gets caught out of position (his ability to recover his weight as fast as he does - because he has the rhythm and proper boxing fundamentals is execptional)

…while most dont have a clue when they are out of position or when their opponent is.

There are only 2 coaches in MMA who even have any seamblance of understanding about fighting. Javier Mendes and Volk’s boxing coach

What really works in MMA is a boxing coach being the head MMA coach ala Volk

Grapplers/wrestlers posing as MMA coaches are absolute bums (Tim Welch getting famous off O’Malley, John getting famous off Conor, ATT etc)

To top it off, this bum Tim Welch said that he kept telling O’Malley to “stay on his toes” LMAO

And thats exactly why O’Malley is so off balance a lot of the time

You never stay on your front toes. Theres zero balance in any of that. And you will tip your weight over when you step forward. And the back foot should always be planted when not stepping. Power comes from the ground up. Thats your stability

These “mma coaches” are such fucking bums it disgusts me

If anything ever holds Sean O’Malley back it will be his clueless bum coach



I couldn’t read all that.

But I think I agree.


No boxing coach gameplans around a pattern, yet this is how Bisping won the belt lol

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Not reading all of that. Cliffs notes or literally go kill yourself.


Ginger Edmund. Always thought the same about that bum Mike Brown at ATT too. Why take advise from someone who sucked in their own career? Brown has these scores of guys like Masvidal and Poirier worshiping him when he can’t produce a championship fighter to save his life despite like a dozen championship opportunities. And John Kavanaugh hit the fucking lottery by getting Conor. It would be like any hobbyist black belt being handed the most popular fighter in the sport’s history. A lot of these “coaches” are straight bums.




I agree about Volk. His defense is as good as we have ever seen in mma.


The latter please

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Connorwins, you’re such a typical douchebag keyboard warrior, you wouldn’t say shit to these people you speak of if you were face to face with them. Calling people you don’t know bums. You need to be bitchslapped


“But I’m in Conor’s camp” and by camp he means groupy bitch who follows another grown man cause he’s never done anything in his life.
Hence why he never says who he is while everyone else that’s been on here that actually does what he claims will say their name. Just another incel troll on the UG

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When I read threads like this, I often wonder what these trolls real screen names are.

Anyone else?


Who have you worked with OP? In what capacity? Calling others bums when they are working with the highest levels shows your hand quite a bit but rather than say you are full of shot, I’ll let you tell me your accolades and accomplishments.

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Op at 4am typing this


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From my experience, I think a talented kid is going to be a talented kid no matter where he decides or ends up training.


Thats exactly what it is

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