Time before the flood

If you believe the Bible then what are your thoughts about how life was before the flood. God destroyed it because it was so evil. Did they have technology? They supposedly lived to 800-900 years, just think if Einstein had lived that long.

they committed every sort of sin. Idolatry, murder, rape, incest, sodomy, inflicting pain on animals, etc.

sounds like now

the rev

yeah, G-d is smacking His head into the wall of the celestial temple while the choir sings "told ya!"

"are you just frustrated or what"

LMFAO. I didn't catch a negative vibe from you, just the normal christian "the world is so terrible" kind of thing that I hear every sunday anyway.

Seriously, though, I don't think there have ever been any "good old days" when everyone was nice and the world just got along. But even in really, really bad times and places, there are always wonderful people--like me, here in the HG. ; )

No, no problems, I just think it does sound like now. I also do feel that the Christian community has been very self centered in the west. Even in our worship it seems to be more about what we get out of it. There is a giant world out there, and we can best show the truth of our belief in Him who sacraficed everything to save us, but making sacrifices ourselves. Unfortunately we have decided rather to buy into some meritocracy bullshit, and followed the greed and consumerism of our culture. We have turned to other gods. The gods of culture, money, fame, power, comfort and so on. I state these things not because I am a gloomy gus, but as I spend more time with the poor, and spend time in a country that has more unbiased news, I am realizing the injustice in the world on a deeper level. As I am often called to speak to the church, I must say something. But realize I preach every message to myself atleast ten times before I speak it aloud. I am guilty as well.

I am an eternal optimist, I believe we can change things.

the rev