Time for a gym raid.



the best Jesus dude find all these dudes info. Comments are pretty crazy 

Wow. Fuck that guy. Deserves evry bit of harrassment and worse

I made it about 15 seconds into the video. Someone just kill that POS. 

Where is this? I mean is that nursing home or something?

check the thread “Michigan nursing home abuse”

what did the old man say to him?

Kill him

Def haven’t seen a vid like this before

I expect this to be all over cnn tonight.

Fine with whatever happens to him. To abuse the elderly like that is lower than low. Fucking pussy.

Media won’t care. It’s a black man beating an old evil white man 

Just, why? Fuck this POS

Hope he gets brutally murdered. I'd gladly donate to the gofundme of anyone who takes out that trash

So fucked up. Uh, man, that’s bad. Needs to be killed. I predict he will get a light or no sentence.