" time for me to stop being the bad boy"-Tito

Looks like Tito is starting to turn a corner with his relationship with the UFC. What does the mean? Well, when he beats Rashad, the UFC and Dana wont hesitate to give Tito the next shot. Im glad Tito is starting to mature. This article also talks about the personal problems he was dealing with before taking this fight. His clothing line, gyms and simply just wanting family time. IT wasnt anything that would affect his preparation for the fight. War the Huntington Beach Golden Boy!
<br />http://espn.go.com/blog/MMA/post/_/id/3214/ortiz-in-his-own-words-getting-the-call

Now that Tito see's a potential title shot in his future he will kiss Dana's ass but the second he feels like the UFC is getting one over on him he's going to blast them and be back where he started. Luckily he's a top draw and Dana is a smart businessman so he will always have a job.

I dont think Tito is kissing ass just to get his shot. I think he is realizing that his old antics, which were funny btw, arent going to get him anywhere in the UFC. Its a good thing for both sides. Tito doesnt have to live up to that bad boy persona anymore. I christen him the Huntington Beach Golden Boy.