time for some mma haikus!

today I stumbled across some mma haikus that I wrote a couple years back...

haiku about crocop vs igor:

a swish through the air

the light hides itself quickly

a fallen tree lies

haiku about tank:

mountain of a man

crumbling slowly from rainfall

of many hard years

haiku about ufc vs. pride(take it for what it's worth lol):

dying buffalos

charge on, while tigers sleep sound

smiling with full dreams

let's get some more mma haikus! :)

Bored senseless

reading dumbass threads


Kimuras worst saturday night ever...

I'm not quite smart enough to understand your ufc vs. pride one.


a haiku for kimuracrunch:

sorry that you're bored

hurling insults to quell that

is one way, I guess

a haiku for tylerdurtan:

no, but seen fight club

and now I see there's someone

with their name misspelled

great stuff.

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One minute elapsed

Why is he stopping the fight?

Oh my God, his arm!

nice, guys! :)

ttt for more mma haikus

lol@"oh my god, his arm!"









that is a beautiful poem, dank! :)

A kiss on da lips

not those lips you dirty dog

it start off like this......

Pe de and Frank Mir

many nuthuggers pick Frank

till he gasses out

Rogan! Athiest?

Not as though I give 2 shits

wish I had a beer....

The arm bar was tight

The caught was screaming with fright

Pe Pano in two

I don't get it.

ttt for more mma haikus!

oh and tyson, the buffalo represents the UFC and the tiger represents pride(remember this was two or more years ago that it was written)

From north/south I fart

Rolling with new instructor

I am told to leave

lol adam

"Haikus are bad for the sport...any sport"

what about ping pong?

haiku about ping pong:

a white lighting storm

the ball whizzing back and forth

the fate of two men

Wrestling other guys

Just wearing spandex short pants

Not really that gay?

 I wrote this for a Middle Easy contest:

Don Frye's thick mustache
puts fear in your mortal soul
The Predator lives