Time for Stun Gun to rise to the top

Nobody can mess with Kim's ground game Now that gsp has retired. his stand up is no joke either. I would like to see Dong Hyun get a top 5 guy next then fight for the #1 contender fight then to the title. Phone Post 3.0

Stun Gun vs T-Wood in Macau

want to see him fight against Maia or Shields Phone Post

TheRealMrBeefy - No....aside from the Erick Silva fight I found him to be boring for the most part. I do not want to see him as champ.

Guys like Hendricks and Lawler would KO him much like Condit did. Shields would smother him just like he did to Maia. He beats most in the division, but not the elite. Phone Post 3.0
That what they said sitar and Erik was going to do to him. Enough talk let's make this happen Dana !! Phone Post 3.0

Ttt Phone Post 3.0

I can't see him grabbing the strap. Great talent but I just don't rank him in top 5. Phone Post 3.0