Time it takes to get back in shape?

Well am in my final year of uni and steadily (ie way behind on everything) getting through my course.
Moving back home in late April/early May and was wondering how long people think it would take to get back in shape and get another fight. I only fight as an amateur so it's not exactly the worst thing to be slightly unprepared but would still be interested in opinions on this.
I haven't trained for about 2 years although I did train 6 weeks of last year for a charity boxing match at my university.

So any thoughts or previous experiences from people here? I've gained 15lbs (some of it muscle most of it fat) or so in the 2 years if that helps at all :-)

Awaits Flaming

Rough crowd.

Just get moving. Why worry about how long it takes? Just concentrate on being a better athlete and take another fight when you feel ready. I wouldn't just schedule myself a fight without being confident and shape first.

It's the underground when is it not a rough crowd? Thanks for advice so far. As to the why worry comment I don't I just like to set goals because it feels like I am aiming for something if I do that otherwise I can get too complacent unfortunately.

start SLOW, dont fall victim to "too much too fast" take your time & listen to your body.

3-6 months training full time.