Time Machine

I don’t think we’ll ever be able to send people back in time, but I do think we’ll figure out how to create a machine that entangles itself with its future self. It’s likely that information will be able to flow both ways because “spooky science”.

If that were figured out you would be able to send all sorts of informations back. Past murders solved in the future, future murders prevented, powerball and mega millions predicted, etc.

How would you use it if you developed the machine and could transmit info back to yourself? First step of course is not saying shit to anyone.

I would probably use it to see how awful the response to this thread would be and not create it. But I think the paradox there is I would have to create the thread to see the responses.

When you’re riding in a time machine way far into the future, don’t stick your elbow out the window, or it’ll turn into a fossil. - Jack Handey


I’d go back and make sure I didn’t read this thread


I picture myself using said machine to withdraw cash from my bank account

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The reality of this would be very scary. With this ability, would you use it to what degree? How could you not use it to stop 9/11 or the holocaust? How would that change the progression of the world? What happens if the bad guys get this knowledge and hitler gets the nukes?

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You have 32 minutes. They are coming. RUN!

The consequences will never be the same.

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First step is becoming immortal

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The great part is that you control the tech and if it ever disconnects you know when (and with good monitoring, how) and can avoid detection.

Think about this though - every time something becomes declassified 40 years from now, you know about it. So something happening today, or something that will happen in the future, you could blow the lid off of it as it’s happening or being planned.

You could stop the next 9/11 but wouldn’t be able to go back to 9/11 if you developed the tech after 9/11 because it can only connect back to when it first came online.

I do believe when we figure out entanglement and quantum bits, information that changes in the future will reflect in the present bits if they are entangled together in present day.

Send the potion back to stay alive and young forever, good call! Second step, what is the ultimate giant loads stack!?


Yep step 2. Cum as much as possible, to the point that women thinks there something wrong.

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