Time management

Hi Raymond,

I was just wondering which drills you spend the most time on outside of sparring?

Also, while I understand there's a lot of overlap in the way you use different weapons, do you spend more time on any one, or is just what you feel like on the day?


P.S. - Just went to an Indigenous training weekend. You're way of using the machette works pretty well with a lot of the Aboriginal clubs.

Hi Tim,

To tell you the truth, I hardly practise at all out of "lesson" time.

But if I do practise.......I only practise by downward "Bagsak" strike, my blocks (focusing on keeping ALL the move tight) and if it's knife, just the straight stab/cut............ALL THIS IS DONE VERY, VERY SLOW ...... NO SPEED.....CONCENTRATING OF KEEPING EVERYTHING TIGHT AND NON TELEGRAPHIC.

If I'm feeling really motivated, I also practise my step forward / lunge footwork.

And that's all...........I'm really lazy