time release protein

anyone use this yet? any reviews of which one is best or a cheap place to get it? it sounds like it makes sense, but I don't know if this is just another bullshit new supplement idea or not.

Just take lots of small shakes of pure refined whey protien, don't buy into the bullshit, the only reason it's time release is that it takes a long time for the protiases in the gut to break down a large dose, same pricipal as feeling full for 9 hours after eating a huge rare steak.

i have concerns about time-released stuff as well. i'm thinking the body is a pretty smart machine and will know what to do with what you feed it. Am I wrong? I mean, food is supposed to be the best form of nutrition, and i don't believe chicken breast or vegetables are "time released". Can anyone shed some light on whether this is just another marketing scam, or if there's any truth to this technology?


my first thought is that it's a scam, but hopefully someone can show me the light.


Cassien has always been a slow digesting protein, only the marketing new.

Want a fast digesting protein use whey. Need slow digesting proteins, eat whole food.

ya, I like egg whites but am DEAD tired of tuna. man that shit gets old fast. lol ;)

The way I see it there's only two valid arguments for taking protein supplements at all : 1. simple, if you don't have time/possibility to cook 2. If you want a lot of protein without extra calories from carbs and fats. There's no doubt in my mind that good food like chicken and vegetable is way better and healtier than even the most advanced supplements.

supposedly it helps for when you are asleep, when muscle regeneration occurs.