Time reqd 2 become good @takedowns

It is normally suggested to spend one year in boxing and anymore time than that is more for becoming a amature boxer than proficient at mma. So my question is for the purposes of mma competition how much time should one be expected to put into learning takedowns? Im not expecting or wanting to go anywhere with my amature wrestling, i just want to learn takedowns well enough for mma.

Wow, that is a tough question.  It depends upon several factors.  Everybody is different, and learn at different speeds.  High School wrestlers can become decent at takedowns, training them for an hour or so a day for a few months, but that is pretty general.  The actual time required varies based upon natural talent, the quality of the instruction, and the quality of training partners. 


its impossible to give you an exact time frame, everyone learns at a different pace and some are more athletic than others. wrestling is great because you can be as good as you want to be, it just take repitition, repitition, repitition.

i only ask the time frame because i only have so much time to train and i got to weigh out the benefits of training both bjj and wrestling kind of thing, thne decide which one to train for now

many, many, many, many years.

Bruce is correct. Many people say take "X" and train him in takedowns for 6 months and he will be ready for mma. Generally this is completely wrong.

The problem is that there are many good wrestlers doing mma. I will use someone I know as an example of a good wrestler. He is a state champion from Ohio and won a couple of cadet/junior national championships. He trained wrestling 2 hours a day 5-6 days aweek year round from the 8th grade on (trained less frequently from 2nd to 8th grade). Someone training for a year or two in takedowns is probably not going to beat him at takedowns (I know that are exceptions, but in general).

I use this as an example because there are many mma fighters that are better wrestlers than this. As much as I love wrestling if you can only train one (I personally would train both if I was serious about mma) then I would say train bjj. If you are going into mma without a grappling background then I think that you can learn bjj quicker than you can learn wrestling.

im only thinking of training wrestling because my judo coach told me i had "natural talent" and that he could see me going places in the sport. I am always bugging him to work on newazza so he told me i should take up wrestling.

my goals in the future are to compete amature mma.


"I am always bugging him to work on newazza so he told me i should take up wrestling."

Your sensei is correct. Judo is played standing up.
You don't start on the mat. Unlike in wrestling once the takedown is achieved you stay on the mat and work towards the pin.
The goal in judo (as you know) is to throw your opponnet for ippon. Anything less than ippon then you transistion immediately into newaza. If there is no progression shown during ne-waza you're brought back to your feet where judo is played.

I agree that you should be proficient in ne-waza, but you should be that much better on your feet.

If you like the ne-waza, then wrestling or even BJJ is ideal.

It takes a life time to become proficient at take downs. I've been wrestling since 1972, and I'm still learning. I teach judo and I'm still learning.........Stay with it. You become better with each practice.

I have seen freaks get good at takedowns by just tackling people. A guy named Terrance Freeny (Just rushed for 1000+ yards for DI-AA Northern Iowa this year) wrestled for us and was taking down the top ranked wrestlers in the state, however once he got into down position, he had no clue what to do. Other than that, I would say forever. It is so tough to fully understand the inticracies of position, set up, and finishing. I would say a good 3 years of constant practice in able to take down a decent high school wrestler. If you want to compete with college guys add about 5 more years.