Time reqd 2 become good @takedowns

It is normally suggested to spend one year in boxing and anymore time than that is more for becoming a amature boxer than proficient at mma. So my question is for the purposes of mma competition how much time should one be expected to put into learning takedowns? Im not expecting or wanting to go anywhere with my amature wrestling, i just want to learn takedowns well enough for mma.

I think for one year in anything would set you up pretty good for handling street altercation or going against the average guy.

As for MMa goes., I guess it really depends on how good your opponents spawl is. I think if you worked any technique over and over for months you should be really good at it.

a long time to really put it all together, you could probably learn the technique in a few months, but really applying it with the subtlety required to apply in a real situation... years.

a sprawl counters every takedown?

yeah, if every takedown is shooting a dub.

A sprawl can be beat with a single.

Be careful with it in mma, though.

a sprawl isn't going to stop a throw or trip from the clinch.

This question is like asking how long do you have to train in submissions to become good in them.

The answer to both largely depends on your learning resources (teachers, tapes, etc.), you training partners, and your physical abilities.

id think submissions would be totally different there are just so many different ones and ways to do them. Im just curious because they concensus here is one year of boxing, years of sub grappling (bjj, sambo,etc) and some wrestling takedown knowledge. But it has never been specified what the "wrestling takedown knowldege" is (time wise).

dude... 1 year of boxing? is that a joke?

If you are talking shooting doubles years,if you are talking throws years. Together you are talking a long time. Fighters in MMA have devoted years of their lives to be where they are, don't think it was easy. So if that is your goal it takes a long time.

Another thing to point out is...if you are planning on fighting MMA....you also have the option of setting up your takedowns with striking combinations...and you can strike the guy while attempting to finish a takedwon. If you plan on competing in MMA, you need to learn those types of MMA takedown setups and finishes along with standard wrestling takedown setups and finishes.

You are never going to be able to takedown somebody in MMA who has a lifetime of wrestling experience with straight wrestling. But...there is no way anyone can have a lifetime of dealing with striking setups for takedowns. I've seen guys who have very little wrestling background take down accomplished wrestlers in MMA by using strikes to set up takedowns. That's just something else to keep in mind.

As far as how long it takes to learn wrestling techniques....I can only say what others here have already said....it depends on who you train with...and how athletic you are.

I have to honestly say that you need more than 1 year of boxing to be even remotely good. especialy if you have no striking experience at all. might take some people i know more than that to even understand how to correctly throw a punch

I've been boxing for about six years and i still have a ways to go. One year to 'get proficient' might be enough but not vs better guys.

Well, on the low end of the spectrum, BJ Penn picked
up on wrestling really fast.

Or, you may never reach that level. Others are correct
that it will depend on other factors like athletic
ability, training time, your coaches ability, your
training partners' ability, etc.


I know this isn't 100% related, but if you want to enter a wrestling competition, you are required to have a minimum of three years of training.Everywhere in the US? Thats not how it is in Canada.

15 years...wow is absolutely not an option then (im 19 and looking to compete mma in my 20's). I was going to do judo and wrestling now then train bjj and boxing in about 2 years. I was hoping 2 years of wrestling would be enough for mma's purpose of takedowns.