Time Spent in the Gym

In the past couple of months, I joined a gym and started lifting again. I do anywhere from 3-5 exercises per body part and 3-5 sets per exercise. I do two body parts a day, chest/triceps, back/biceps, shoulders/legs, with a three day on one day off routine. The problem is I'm only lifting for what turns out to be 30-40 minutes, do 30 minutes cardio, and I'm out the door. I only rest maybe a minute between sets. I'm sore when I leave, so I know I got a good workout in. I see people in there still working the same muscle group when I come in to when I leave. Am I not spending enough time in the gym? It seems like I'm making progress, but then I see these other guys and they're probably in there for hours a day. Anyone have any advice on my situation? Thanks

General Gym Advice:

  1. Ignore everyone else unless they are doing something that endangers you

  2. Be polite to everyone

  3. Pick up after yourself

If you're happy with your progress, all is well.

According to the westside guys, you're actually working out too long (of course, they dont really do any cardio).

They say 60 minutes is the most you should ever do at once. And they're some of the strongest motherfuckers in the world.

If it's working for you, go with it. The people who do curls for 2 hours wont get anywhere.


From all everything I've read and come to agree with and my own personal expeirence your right one track.

It all depends what your aiming for. You'll see guys who wanna increase strength, some wanna increase mass, but mostly you'll see guys doing a bodybuiliding-type workout (in most gyms in U.S.) so they'll be spending long time on sculpting. Set goals and go for them.

Lots of people say to spend an hour tops. You're right where you should be. My workouts are about 30-60 minutes.

Thanks for all the info. I appreciate it