Time to admit it: I'm Kind of Becoming a Big Deal in the BJJ World

I haven’t even been on Instagram for a year, yet. Today I saw that I have exactly TEN (10) messages.

I thought: I should really read those.

Turns out, all ten messages are from well respected equipment manufacturers in Pakistan & the Far East.

Now look, I truly believe that I am no “better” than any other human being on this planet, BUT… at the same time there’s no denying that people all the way on the other side of the world are genuinely excited about me and what I’m doing. Some of these guys are [quote], “very excited about the possibility of working with me.”

One Pakistan gi manufacturer descried a couple of my videos as “fire”. --I guess tha grind is paying off.

I mean, I DO like to stay humble --but at the same time-- I must be doing something right.


As the latest bjj influencer, I am excited to see some content that includes the shaka, gratitude towards god, videos of you doing strength training, and your RENEWED take on the ground being your ocean most ppl can’t swim and you are a shark.


I appreciate the support…

Re-reading my post I think MAYBE some guys on here think I was boasting or full of myself.

Look, if ANYONE on this forum wants me to make an introduction with one of my equipment manufacturer connections in Pakistan --say the word!

No ego. I’m just here to help people.



I get it…

Crabs in a bucket. Haters on here can’t stand to see others do well.

If you were absent during my struggle, don’t expect to be present during my success --when every gi manufacturer in Pakistan is blowing up my DMs!

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Are you recycling your old posts from 10yrs ago? …. I swear I remember this one.

I heard you don’t know a wrist lock from a wrist watch.

Instagram barely started 10 years ago --and I sure wasn’t getting DMs from the TOP Gi makers in Islamabad!


I know some highly impressed low-end MA equipment makers in 3rd work countries who would disagree!

They “get” and embrace my Jitz Lyfestyle --which is more than I can say for some of the haterz on here.

BTW, my:


T-Shirts are IN STOCK in my e-store!


Time to send them the ultimate grandmaster golden dragon tiger gi design with appropriate belt level sashes embroidered in. Made with organic silk perhaps?

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Would you consider making an “I Fear No Man. Jiu-jitsu Made Me This Way” shirt?

That’s offensive. It should be, ‘I fear no PERSON…’

(I try to follow and emulate the lessons & teachings of Justin Trudeau in my personal life.)

–And, yes.


Still kind of offensive bro. You should really be more upfront about putting in your pronouns:

“I (They/Them) Fear No Person(s)”

Hmm, still kind of offensive to our Trans-Species friends who don’t identify as People… May need to clean that up too:

“I (They/Them) Fear No *”

Look, whether I’m teaching the Omplatx, Toreandx or Rodadx Choke, no one does more than me to make BJJ gender neutral.

When people ask me how many female students I have, I tell the truth: I have no idea.

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Can you do us a favor? Take out Gordon Ryan for us. I know you taught him/Danaher but still

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Can you post a link to your IG

I’m pretty close to 200 followers, which think MAY be the cap??/ (Not sure).

Either way, I am so swamped with stuff right now, the last thing I need is a lot more random people blowing up my DMs.

–I mean, I still haven’t gotten back to Muhammad Al Muhammad on his message of an offer to make me ‘costume gis, car cover & girl dress’.

Yeah I quickly posted before looking and seeing you were just trolling. Carry on…

“becoming” ?

Did you attend Subversiv in LA Saturday? My son and his team from Legion competed. Their team took second.