Time to close this sub forum

I emailed Kirik to Delete it, nobody even posts a raw thread anymore, wrestling is lame anyways, you can post the annual Wrestlemania thread on the OG. 


You're welcome  

Who are you? Someone who obviously cares enough about wrestling to go out of their way to create a thread about it. I get it. You want to be the new heel. You just absolutely suck at it. Wrestling goes in cycles & will eventually get better once Vince is gone. 

Can you tell him to delete your account while you're at it?

I think it's in a rut for sure. Attendance and participation are way down. I don't think we should delete though. I make some pretty gay threads no one cares about. So we got that going for us.

I read al your threads KOP lol for what it’s worth!

504thriller - 

I read al your threads KOP lol for what it’s worth!

Thank you. Finally someone with some taste around here.



When did they create a sub forum? I call them grinders, but to each their own. And if it really is obsolete, I agree we must delete.

There are far less frequented forums here that would go first. Plus I’m down to keep this forum forever as long as it’s dedicated to Mr. Vandelay. RIP, brotha!

Does being around for 4yrs make u an OG?

504thriller - 

I love that he is stepping on the little guys shoe, and also love that the little guy is so used to being stepped on that he doesn't even notice anymore.