Time to consider career options


I'm at a turning point once in my life again

I will be getting discharged from the USAF within the next year.

Its been good, and 2 years of USAF with 8 months in technical training won't be bad at all for my resume, I may get screwed and not get my Associates from the CCAF, but I am going to try to see if I can get a waiver for that (I need my 5-level and I wouldn't be able to get it with the time in)


I will be able to go on unemployment for 9 months, so that will give me time to finish up my bachelors, if I work my ass off, I can have it finished in 3 semester, 4 being liberal.

I don't know if I will have my Top Secret by then, so that will be a disappointment if it doesn't finish through.

I have a lot of options at this point, the GI Bill will pay for almost ANY certification test in the books. Even the SANS-GIAC.

So what should I be trying to do to prepare myself for the world of job searches, and would it be a little hasty to think I may be able to get some college done while I have a job too?

I at least have contacts with a few people at Cisco in Nashville now and I've gotten an offer or two.

One of the things that is kind of cool is the GI Bill if I worked it out right.

Gi Bill = 1200 month, and disability another 600 month

I figure I can find a decent job making 40ish. So financially. I just don't know if I should try to get that college done while I am working or if I should just dedicate my time towards school 100%.

Due to the hell that tech school was (wake up @ 4:30am - 3pm) ALL education the entire time makes me feel like there is nothing that can stop me educational wise.

I also have a good amount saved, and I may end up staying at home for the 9 months on unemployment and save that up as well for a down payment on a condo, the disability will pay for most of my mortgage and I figure if I have a roommate, I'll need to shell at least an extra 300 a month towards stuff.

There are just a LOT of options for me now.

Well, here it is.

First 9 months, start college - don't use the GI Bill but use the Vocational Rehab which will pay for school and "some" expenses and take up the Pell Grant. I will also be living at home, so no worries on money at the time. Then the next 1-2 semesters do the same thing without unemployment while at home.

Finish up my bachelors and take a pick of a few job offers I have at 40k?

Or keep on going to school, draw the 1200 extra a month?

blah, I'm so confused.

I just want to be in the situation where I have a condo (600 bucks mortgage + 300 in other expenses) So disability and a roommate can pay for that. I don't know if it would be wise to have a mortage and no working income. Because after everything, I'll still have 1200 bucks in my pocket from the GI Bill each month. I just don't wanna be a loaf.

I guess I am getting a once in a lifetime chance to better myself and have the money to do so.

I wish I had a clue on the progress of the clearance

I'm pretty much clueless as how far its progressed and everything.

I know it will be good for 6 years after I get it.

Good deal

I think I just have an opportunity of a lifetime to do whatever I want

My certs will be paid

All of college will be paid

Hell, even a mortgage and then some will be paid for up to 3 years.

I like your idea for a condo. Probably cause that's what I have and it runs about the same as an apartment 1/2 it's size down the street.

Anyway, I think you should get your bachelor's and if at all possible, not work while doing that so you can focus one hundred percent on finishing the degree as soon as possible instead of stretching it out.

Or you can be like my mom who, at age 45, decided she wanted to go to law school. So, instead of quitting her job, she continued to work full time (80+ hours for her a week) and then went to school during the day finishing in 4 years.

I would go for the bachelor's 100% now. And take the CCNA. And if you don't pass, take it again until you pass. Hell, the AF is paying. Then get your CCNP during school. You can do this all during school if you work hard.

I am glad you can recognize this is a big opportunity for you. Good luck.

Cool - I feel you on the masters, it makes me almost excited thinking about how I can do a 180 in my life and end up being pretty well off by 30 (I am 23)

"Forget about the certs. Take the effort you would put towards them and get your Master's degree. "

You can't get the Master's and BS at the same time. But you can get CCNA, CCNA, and BS at the same time. I would say get all three. Aim high.

But cajones is correct about getting the Master's. I have an advanced degree and it makes a world of difference at work.

How much does a master's degree in IT really matter?

Or, are we talking about in general?

I would figure good IT skill mixed with a great Management degree would be great.

Maybe I should focus on a double major instead before I try to jump to Grad School

I have all the time in the world, so...who knows

just focus on finishing your BS, don't give the people hiring a reason to omit your resume.

certs are not a bad idea, they would in a way legitimize your experience, but don't let that deter you from finishing your degree.

Advanced degree people generally get more respect at work. Advanced degree people can get hired into senior/management position right off the bat; the HS and BS people have to work their way up. THe starting pay is higher. In a field of BS's and HS degrees, an advanced degree sticks out.

IMO, best reason to double major is because both will help you for work (ie physics and math). 2nd best reason is that you like them both (ie physics and music). 3rd best reason is that you like the challenge. Resume isn't super strong reason. I have a double major. It is mildly impressive on a resume (much like a cert), but it is not the world.

heard that cajones

Its been processing since around November

My friends and family have already been interviewed, the only one thing that might make it take a little time is that my mother wasn't a citizen, although she was born in New York, then went back to Venezuela to live.

Otherwise, I stayed in the same place (Nashville, TN) (major city is a plus) since I was 13.

I am waiting for my interviews, I think I have 2 or 3, then its a month or two after that.

I tried talking to the security manager, but they really don't have any way to speed it up, or double check on it.

Hell, I still have almost a year, and can drag it out as long as I can.

Finney, let me know if there is anything I can do to help you out...

Heck, you can always come work for me!

I should be alright for the job search with the new contacts I have. There is a cool position that is "always" open to me as the company loves me :) (Personal friend works there)

Its for DCCUSA.COM being an 100% travel install technician, I figure that I wouldn't mind doing that for a year or two, make me feel like I am important flying places.

Oh yea, they have a lot of contracts in Brazil, so, every now and then I'd be flown over to Rio.

But, with that said, I also have a good friend thats part of Ciscos regional team, said he has enough contacts with enough Cisco/network resellers. I hope its not all talk though, I just don't want to go through the hassle I had before I joined the Air Force. I gotta figure it was the lowest point of the economy when that happened though.

-Wants to wear a suit and tie to work and use powerpoint Fin

"Wants to wear a suit and tie to work and use powerpoint Fin"

You'll grow out of that...

lol - I know, I'm just messing around with that :)

Its kind of nice to throw on the old bdus every single day though.

So, do you get a nice bounty fee?

Not bad!

Fin.......just thought of something....

How many vaccinations did you recieve in the service?

Has any doctor mentioned the word "lupus" at any time you were in earshot?

Have you been tested for polymer antibodies?

I've been to the blood testing lab several times

Lupus / not really, or polymer antibodies? hmmm

I did test for having a blood protein problem though.

And I am getting a renel system radiation scan thingy.