Time to employ 3 strike weight rule

 Failing to make weight on three separate occasions should result in an automatic life time ban from said weight class.  Hence Anthony Johnson would have one more strike left.  I dont care if he makes 170 9 times of his next 10 fights, if he misses weight for 10, he is done.  Utterly ridiculous that this shit is allowed to fly.

Yeah, it's pretty frustrating. If you can't reliably make your weight class, you should never be put in title contention, because the fight will be in jeopardy because of your inconsistence. Homeboy needs to move to 185 and just deal with not having such a massive size advantage over everyone he faces.

Missing weight = loss on record

 no one will take that shit seriously, they will take what happend in the fight seriously and be quick to forgive and forget him missing weight.  3 strike rule, life time ban.  it's that easy. 

no excuses.....i'm surprised dana puts up with it. If you can't take it seriously enough to make weight, you should be out. He wasn't even close. It's an unfair advantage to the other guy. It's not like the guy can say, "no, i won't take the fight." If you don't have to make weight, what's the point?

dont they have to give the other guy part of the show money? that seems fair.

Kneeblock -  Hey, Thiago Alves parlayed a missed weight cut directly into a title shot, so I doubt anyone's looking for stiffer penalties.  Hitting a guy in his purse is where it hurts the most.  Put away the pitchforks.

Well said. A lot of overreacting going on in this thread.

9 out of 10 people here will still think he's the future of the division after he KO's Yoshida tomorrow. He really needs to decide on his future weight class.

RaepChoke - A lifetime ban is pretty ridiculous, a year suspension would suffice IMO

 someone like AJ will only have a harder time making weight at 170 in the future.  You suspending him for a year at that weight is pointless,  A year suspension from said division is going to give him the opportunity to fight at a higher weight class, where he will get accustomed to dieting less, developing more, becoming accustomed to a higher weight, and then you want to give him the chance to  come back after a year...which he wont, making a year suspension  completely pointless and stupid.  bottom line, AJ doesn't belong at 170, and anyone who misses weight on 3 occasions doesn't belong at whatever weight is being missed either.

 A life time ban is pretty harsh. Giving 50% of your show/win money to your opponent every time is a fair enough punishment. If it happens too often, Dana can just FORCE them to move up no questions asked.

the other time anthony johnson missed weight he took the fight on really really short notice...just like thiago alves did with the hughes fight, not quite as short though.

although there's really no excuse in this situation. and it's not fair to the other fighter, they have to just eat it. just like the marquez/mayweather fight. what are hughes, marquez, yoshida's etc options, say no, scrap the fight and go home?

look I'm an anthony johnson fan but yoshida was already at enough of a disadvantage as it was between size, power, reach etc...now this? shit isn't too cool.

then they try to institute a catch-weight last minute so they don't have to dehydrate themselves...I mean "oh well I don't want to burn myself out trying to make weight in the next hour like you did so how bout we just fight at whatever weight I weighed in at" is not a good compromise.

if anthony johnson gets a highlight reel ko, him missing weight will be forgotten and forgiven instantly. it's like "oh yeah he did miss weight but I mean it was still awesome"...it's not fair to the other guy. how much will he be fined for missing weight anybody know?


should be a dq on their record. other fighter should get win money. should be suspended for 6 mos. maybe then people would take it more serious & fight in appropriate wt classes

I think missing weight is falling under the category of not doing your job. However, I think these bans and punishments are a bit ridiculous. There are already %'s of purses that get taken away in situations like this. If a fighter has a consistent issue with failing to make weight in a given weight class, then he isn't really a member of that weight class is he? A simple remedy for this situation is to have the promoter cease contracting the fighter at troublesome divisions .

Mydogsnameischloe - LOL, in a sport where two guys sign a contract to fight at 205 lbs and both guys are 220+ the day of the fight, people are this upset about "missing weight".

 You make a great arguement for day of the fight weigh-ins.

Now, tomorrow are we going to hear over and over how AJ is "drained" from cutting like Lutter against Silva?

 For Blue63:

kanotoa - 
DJLastCall - Missing weight = loss on record

Uh, no that's a dumb idea. Because it's not a loss at all.

 Am I the only one thinking JDolo is so violent on this topic because he wants to keep AJ as far from GSP as possible?

bakalol -  If it happens too often, Dana can just FORCE them to move up no questions asked.


Three strikes? Fuck that, I say one strike and you're banned forever and not just from the weight division, but the whole UFC! Also, Dana comes to their house and punches the weakest member of their family in the stomach.