Time to make rua vs machida 3

Not sure how much longer machida is suspended but that's the fight to make 

I woukd like to see that.

Yah machida seemed pretty quiet with hat suspension. Had to think about what happened to him. He's down at 185 now though isn't he?

lyoto's back in october i believe 

A Gustaffson rematch has a nice ring to it...

Nah he's won 3 straight. Should fight a top ranked guy.

Why? Shogun should have won the first, then lit up Machida the second fight, I got Shogun winning that war

Machida beats his ass

Shogun won the first fight imo and destroyed him in the rematch. I want to see him in some legend fights. Maybe versus Anderson or Vitor at 205 in Rio.

They're in different weight classes.