Time to see how woke the new Predator movie is

Hulu only guys.

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I thought about it too lol. Maybe some other time.

Gore great, story crap.

Worth a one off.

And bloddy disgusting used to be one of my favorite horror sites/apps…

Another woke garbage shit pile.

They get 3/10 of right with reviews

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Do they have a strong woman of color lead whos lgbtq in an interacial gay open relationship? Thats a checkbox of mine.


Stranger Things No GIF by NETFLIX


The gore and CGI is pretty good

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Now to watch UHD the OG predator

Predominantly white supremacist cast:

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the cgi is bad


The Predator franchise is odd in that only the first one was good. At all. In any way.

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The second one had its own unique charm. It was a really fun 90s action flick.

I didn’t mind the one with Adrian Brody either. Decent action flick.


I like Predator 2.

After that there is nothing.


Predators is a solid attempt that showcases some good practical effects and a fun storyline. Had they used different actors and tweaked it a bit, it could have been great.

The cheesy sword scene in the tall grass with the Yakuza guy alone makes it worth a watch.

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84% from the audience on RT, which is promising.

It was a decent movie for sure. I think at the time people couldn’t accept Brody as an action star. I rewatched it recently and he absolutely pulled off being a tough guy.

Also becoming Allie’s with the beta predator was a cool plot device.

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