Time to slim down

The same week I hit 500 on squats is the same week I'm abandoning it, I'll never be as strong as I was when I was 19 squatting 650 and benching 425, and i don't want to be, it's not healthy. Too much calories, too much of a strain on the body. I have a job where I'm on my feet all day, and I although I'm the lightest I've ever been at 210 (scale just said 217 today :( ), I know I would be better off around 190 or even 180 for my frame. I'm 5'10 with extremely wide shoulders and hips. 

So today I'm going to start looking at diets, not doing full keto again, but maybe a modified version that incorporates a lot of veggies. Definitely decrease my carbs and sweets intake. 

Also going to stop lifting heavy, starting p90x again today, lost 70lbs in 3 months when I was 20 on it without even following a very strict diet. I'm 29 now and feel like I need to get to a good weight for longevity, I have a long career ahead of me. No more heavy lifting. Hope to be the pushup/pullup/yoga/cardio machine soon.