Time traveller has some pretty crazy videos

This shit is pretty crazy. This guy claims to be in 2021 but all electronics say it’s 2027. There are literally no people, birds or anything in his videos. He lives in Spain and when people tell him to go places, he goes there. This shit is a trip. I’m sure it’s somehow fake but however he did this is amazing. The craziest one is where he goes to the airport and no one is there. Or the police station. He has the fucking key to get in and takes a police car.

Here is his ig


https://youtu.be/XvsCisbzT9s This guy breaks down a lot of the videos

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John titor shit is starting to come true too… And I’m not kidding

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Crazy that no new car models will be introduced in the next 6 years.


He isn’t in the year 2027. I thought the same thing. He is saying he is still in 2021 but all electronics says 2027.

Its legit. Everyone knows its impossible to change the date and time on electronics.


Lol totally… however how does he get a key to the police station, go in and steal a cop car. The police are in on the joke? Or how about where he goes to the Merced’s dealership and takes the Mercedes for a drive. When driving there are no cars or people on the street. Or how about when he goes to the hospital and no one is inside. Or how about when he goes into the museum and no one is there. No security, nothing. They are all in on it?



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People literally tell him to do a certain task and he does it. Goes to the bank and takes money, goes to a very populated area at 530pm and no one is there. They ask him to live stream and he does and no one is in the live stream in a very populated area. He does inside an airport and no one is there. The supermarket, soccer stadium, fire station. Either everyone is in on the joke or not. Oh he goes into multiple restaurants, churches etc and no one is there

I think we all know it’s not true , the real confusion and question is how does he pull it off

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Who wins the superbowl the next five years? We can get rich here
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Lol CardiZeek is adorable

Exactly … how the hell is he doing this. Some theories are:

  1. The city of Valencia is in on it. It’s a viral tourist ad
  2. It’s a cop
  3. It’s a security guard
  4. It was done during the height of the pandemic and he is a person who sanitizes things so people have to leave the area (this doesn’t explain the live stream he did a few days ago)
  5. He is using some sort of software (least likely as many people who are software specialists say it’s almost near impossible to remove people from a moving video, especially when he is driving)

At least the last people on earth cared enough to bury thousands of bodies a day so the streets wouldn’t be filled with decaying corpses. If I am the last surviving 10% I will clear up my area and let the rest rot

im thinking its #2

Someone made a thread about this a couple weeks back. Like I said in there, it’s not about if it’s real or not, nobody believes he’s actually in 2027, the fun part is figuring out how he does it.

I don’t believe it’s software, because the processing power would be massive. I also question the requests he gets. The people making the requests might be in on it, either his alt accounts, or friends of his, and they’re requesting things he either already has footage of, or that he can get


Someone in the comment section made a good suggestion. Go to a museum and just start breaking shit. Or grab a pistol and fire off a few shots into a store front window. Of course he won’t do that.

It’s a heck of a troll job. I’m pretty sure the keychains that he left for people to find were the Nike Back to the Future shoes?