timed-carb diet

has anyone tried this diet? i have been doing it with some good results.

heres a link

i box 2 days and weightlift 2 days a week.

i do it a little different in that i carb up before i box.


the correct url is ironaddictS.com/articles.html

the guy who wrote the article just seems to spew out opinions without any real science to back it up. not saying that it doesnt work, but it looks like it was written up by some random dude without any real specialized knowledge about health and/or nutrition.

personally i just eat good whole food carbs and dont worry about anything else carb-related. some days i may eat fewer and other days i eat more, but its not on an intentional cycle.

usually i lose some muslce when i cut, but dieting like this i have saved all muscle and lost A LOT of body fat.

definitely reccomend it.

assuming adequate protein intake you could drop your calories by massive amounts and preserve muscle

as the carb intake goues up the need for amino acid gluconeogenesis (conversion of amino acids to glucose- all aminos are subject to this except leucine and lysine as they are ketogenic aminos) decreases

crucially important the first few weeks of ketogenic diet as the conversion rate of aminos to glucose is hihger, once the brain begins to use ketone bodies for energy efficiently the need for gluconeogenesis decreases

when looking at protein sparing modified fasts some individuals were consuming as low as 800 cals per day (all protein ) and still preserving muscle

bottom line when restricting calories and carbs up the protein intake

coach hale