Timidity R5 0:48

I wonder if the fight would have been any better (couldn't be worse) if MIRAGLIOTTA warned Anderson a little sooner?

Guessing the ref was frustrated as hell but this call should have been made rounds earlier, seemed a moot point so late.

While I was personally disgusted to have woken at 2am & pay to see the performance by Anderson, I was equally dissapointed in the refereeing.

Watching it I questioned if Anderson might have been using stablemate Paulo FILHO'S supplements during the fight :(


Nah, i agree that the call by Dan should have been made earlier, but Anderson was the one at fault, and Anderson will always be the one held accountable.

I will ask Dan on Knockout Radio this Friday

I posted a thread about the exact same thing and it was deleted-maybe they thought it was a troll, but I honestly think Mirg mishandled the fight. It's his responsibility to maintain control and he failed. A warning sooner would have helped, followed by points being deducted and even a DQ if warranted

As a promoter, I would have been pissed at Anderson but also pissed at the ref. Commentators stated Dana approached Ed SOARES and had a word maybe after the 4th???

Although it's possibly improper I would have screamed my ass off at the ref to sort this fuckin shit out!

Anderson was horrid but I think Dan coulda done more sooner.