Timing equipment

I am wondering about round timing equipment. Ive seen the big clocks that go on the wall and buzz ever 3 minutes but they cost like £100. I need something not only for timing rounds but for timing workout times for different excercises, with a variable time adjustment so that say it can go off every 5 minutes or every 2 minutes according to how I set it. Without having to reset the alarm every time it buzzes. So that I can focus completely on the excercise without having to keep looking at the clock.
Has anyone discovered any make of watch or alarm clock that does this?


I looked for something that had a dual control, to allow me to set both an active period, and a rest period, so that I could train with, say a five minute round with a two minute rest. I could not find a thing, and anything I did find was damned expensive. Best idea I heard was to make it myself. Its one of the many projects on my list.


I have a student of mine building a timer just like you described. I gave him my "wish list" for the perfect timer and he is working from that. I will post on here when it is done. His goal is to have a working prototype for me to test by the end of March.


Best thing is

take a tape
have a few different tapes with a few diffeerent timing schemes and just record on that. Simple, convenient.


Hey Lemon I was thinking of doing that if I cant find anything otherwise. You would think someone would make this stuff. Furthermore why do thos buzzing clocks cost £100 and up?

CBK your student could make alot of money if he can mass produce his invention. I mean he could half the price of those buzzing clocks and sell em online. Just an idea.

Also CBK please let us know when the first one is built.

Or Brucekettle let us know how you built yours.