or online dating and one night stands..tinder is strictly 1 night stands right?so u see a hottie, do you just ask her to go out or do you have her just come straight to your home?do you guys ever try to get to know each other or do u just get down to it..anyone here ever meet a Tinder girl and end up going out with her?surely there must be some cool girls on there that would make good fuck buddies or girlfriends?

ive had 3 one night stands in my life and they are ok but most guys act like they are the end all be all of human existence..

any of you guys ever meet a Tinder chick and meet up and then it goes bad and u dont end up fucking?

for those that online date, about how many dates do you have to go on before u meet quality girls that you would want to wife or at least have as a girlfriend?

i see girls profiles and many say they are looking for friends..have any of you met a girl on these sites and just became friends with them and didnt fuck them?

any of you guys just completely burned out on online dating?if so, what are you going to do now?

Nope. It always ends in fucking. But some like to role play like they aren't into it. Hot!