tiniest guitar

Nano Guitar The world's smallest guitar is 10 micrometers long -- about the size of a single cell -- with six strings each about 50 nanometers, or 100 atoms, wide. Made by Cornell University researchers from crystalline silicon, it demonstrates a new technology for a new generation of electromechanical devices.The guitar has six strings, each string about 50 nanometers wide, the width of about 100 atoms. If plucked -- by an atomic force microscope, for example -- the strings would resonate, but at inaudible frequencies. The entire structure is about 10 micrometers long, about the size of a single human blood cell. A nanometer is one-billionth of a meter. For comparison, the diameter of a human hair is about 200 micrometers, or 200,000 nanometers -- positively huge compared to these newest structures, where the guitar string is about 50 to 100 nanometers in diameter.


But why ?



I'll bet its a bitch to tune. It would be cool to be able to carry all your gear under you fingernails

"But why ?"

nanobots man.


I'll bet its a bitch to tune

LOL I think they should get to work on nanotuner

Actually.........that's a six string bass.

So, let's "Innerspace" a ninja, and get him wailing!

I wonder how long it will be til DiMarzio makes a replacement pickup for it.;)


Haha, soon we will have an army of 'mini wankers' trying to play Yngwie licks and stairway.