Tiny Trumps

Tiny Trump



#TinyTrump Dump


Tiny President Trump*


Quick, while the couples are distracted, let's get Tiny Rick to FP!



Tiny Trump is skeptical


ix3623 -

Meh. Don't think this will catch on. Not as insulting to him as tiny hands. 

agree.  tiny hands was funny

The tie one is pretty funny.

Anything that trolls Trump into more infantile behavior is okay in my book.

LoweredExpectations -
#TinyTrump Dump


My god. So simple, yet so fucking funny.

LOL if he sees these, he'd going to go ballistic

"Photoshop is the enemy of the American people. Bad!"

I wonder if this thread is a good guage of how well this meme will do lol... losers!

Tiresias - It would be a real screamer if they put Trump's face on the children Biden ultracreepily drools on and clutches at on that disturbing cspan footage. Oh the lulz

Great idea.