Tip for competition

Make sure you have someone at ringside keeping an eye on the scorekeeper. I saw several mistakes at a recent competition where the scorekeeper didnt award the points the ref scored and in one instance they were awarded to the wrong guy.

my tip - bring food for after the weigh in and under no circumstances tell your wife / gf whatever that you'll be home on time :-)

lol at MarsMan.

Make him tap, fuck the points.

lol MarsMan, that makes sense! On the same note, wear a karate or better yet, tkd gi when warming up.

Yeah, with a bunch of those stupid fuckin patches! Get a kenpo, tkd, KF, all the arts that has a patch!

Plus Nunchaku and Ninja patch!


I?ve just been given a luche libre mask, how's about I wear that?

I once acted like I was the serious guard puller in one of my matches. I had such bad posture and then I shot in a double leg. The guy had no clue.