Tipping fatigue?

So aside from the fact that no one died in the parking lot we have a few issues to discuss here.

  1. Is the manager screwing the waitress?

How many other servers were working your party? That would suck for them that the dumb cunt that took your money and their idiot manager screwed them out of a tip.

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Its clearly obvious

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In a nutshell, dining out is already expensive, then you add on the cost of the big tips, and add in the unpleasantness of tipping - which is that it is often expected and rarely appreciated, and it makes dining out not worth it for me.

15% was a good tip when I was a kid. The expected amount has gone up since then and so has the sense of entitlement, while the appreciation has gone down. I’d rather stay home. Occasionally I’ll go to this high end boutique grocer near me where the majority of the food is prepared. It’s restaurant quality, expensive but not overpriced, and I don’t get prompted for a goddamned tip, and I take it home, eat it, and I’m happy.

My neighbor actually owns the place and told me to tell the cashier to give me a 10% discount. I did that the first 2 or 3 times I went but I have stopped asking for the discount I’m allowed, because I just don’t feel great about asking for it. I’d like to pay full price and support the business. At the same time, I’m not handing some ungrateful asswipe a 15-20% tip that they don’t appreciate at all, so I’m happy.


I saw about 4 others helping work the party and as I said in the end they did get tipped.

The owner really stepped in and saved the day.

Yep Reaction GIF by C H A R L Ö T T E

and she will keep doing it because you gave her $10 on a $5 drink

kind of idiotic to make all that drama to then reward her crookedness.

And this is coming from a former waiter.

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Jesus Christ…the fuckin nerve of those people

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You should read the rest of the thread. I did not tip her at all.

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There was a tip option at the chiropractor and massage therapist place I went to. That was my first massage and chiropractor thing I ever did. Is it normal to tip them??

I just hit no tip and carried on. My benefits don’t cover tipping.


What the chiro or MT sexy?

That might be the deciding factor.

The chiropractor is a dude and the massage therapist is a thick strong girl.

So yes.


You should of told her you can have the whole What If ground post negative reviews on yelp in a split second.

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Then you can give them the tip…but just the tip.

I would never abuse my OG powah!

I made a thread a week or so ago about some cashier bitch pressing 22% as the default tip at a walk up Poke bowl place. Think Chipotle but poke. Exact same service.

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hope they don’t treat you poorly after finding out your drink of choice and that a woman had to take control of the situation for you

chin up, pal!

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No, in fact the talk was pretty much similar to here in that a lot of people are tired of the “forced tipping” that seems to be going on.

No one made fun of me or my drink because I am f@cking awesome and people at my new job like me.

The HR boss is a MILF and I will be sad to see her go.

yeah, there will be no one to fight your battles!

maybe a secretary will step up

good luck

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I’m sorry you’re jealous that ladies love me.

Maybe some day one will like you too.