Tips for Orgo Chem

Hey everyone,

I was wondering if you guys can give me some tips on how to study and do well in Orgo Chem? I'm really struggling in this class and I'd appreciate any advice you guys can give. Thanks,


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You use either Wade or McMurry I'm guessing. Look to the other for a different perspective.

Success in organic chemistry is about 3 things:
1) reading the assigned chapters (2x) BEFORE you come to class
2) doing ALL the assigned questions the week they are assigned
3) do not fall behind

I only did #2 and ended up with a B, I have friends who did every single question in the book and ended up with A-A+ final grade. Another friend of mine studied orgo a minimum of 1 hour a day every single day for both terms and ended up with an A.

Assuming you haven't done any of the above and the exam is this week:
1) read the chapter
2) solve all the questions and memorize the solution
3) memorize the mechanism of all reactions
4) buy and use the organic model kit to understand stereochemistry
5) summarize all the reactions on one page
6) realize that at this point, the time for understanding has past and its only about memorizing. 7) assuming this is the first test for the term know how to draw the types of bonding (sp) as well

Thanks very much, Crito!

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One day you'll thank me :P

You'll be taking a test and be like "Christ, what else is in a phospholipid... can't remember... what did Jonwell say that one time? CARBON! OMG I'm going to buy that man a car."

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