Tips on Grappling Tournaments

What are some of the things at Grappling Tournaments are most looked for or what people want that has made one tournament better than the other ?

I'm looking from everything to enrollment to divisions, awards whatever. Any ideas would be appreciated

ring girls.

hot girls are part of anything worth doing that doesn't even need to be on the list it's a given

The best tip that I have for people who want to run a grappling tournament is to go watch ( and/or compete in ) a few judo tournaments. They have the best organization of any event that I've been to. They don't have ring girls, though, which is too bad.

I know some judo guys so I'll ask tham but what kept them organized ?

At the last tournament I went to, they handed out the medals at the end of each category. That way, nobody had to wait around for the big 'medal ceremony' at the end of the day when you are tired and want to go home.

Have lots of volunteers, referee's, a fighter and coach only rule on mats, weigh in's early, lots of food, first aid, vendors, advertise & advertise more, invite judo clubs, clean gym/forum, lots of seating, have proper sanctioning. Just to list a few things.

Warm up mat.

cash prizes

If coaches and players abuse a ref they are ask to leave the tournament.

hot ring/mat girls!!!!

double elimination, more mats and refs for the popular weight divisions, standard CJJ weight divisions, a better way to determine experience levels (I think approximate hours on the mat rather than years of experience is far more accurate and could reduce sandbagging)

New GTA Submission Grappling Tournament Date and Location soon to be announced!

New GTA Submission Grappling Tournament Date and Location soon to be announced!

Just few things
1st..warm up mat
2nd..not double elimnation but round robin
3rd.. gi and no gi div
4th..fight one or two weights all at same time on one mat, min 5 minutes betwen fights
5th..send word out...especially the Judo world, I am judo and know several guys that will fight such and event including myself.
6th.."grand championships" seperate division held at end of tourny, all fighters welcome, no wieght divisions single elimination right down to one fighter standing tall at end of day.

just judo good ideas

Me, I'm sick of some barefoot dork in barefeet and a backwards ball hat from the home club refereeing. If anybody is going to take these tourneys seriously they need to be more professionally run. Go look at a big high school wrestling tourney or a judo tourney.

refs that actully train and know the rules
medals for 1-3 place
maybe even being a ranked tourny
small cash prize for 1st place
good turnouts and how the tourny's been doing
weight class's (i'm tired of fighting in bullshit no weight classes when i'm a lw)
decent expierence level's (hows a 6 month guy going to beat a 2 year guy)

This is some of my ideas:

1.; Gi and no GI divisions standard weight classes

2. No Gi single elimination division one 200 and under and one 200 and over open class divisions

3. Medals for 2 and 3 place and trophies for first

4. Same awards in open divisions except 1 2 and 3 rd win a training package ie. Head gear gloves exc. and 1st place wins a cash prize as well.

5. Refs must train so they know what to look for

6. Awarded one point for the takedown if position is attained off the takdown and one point for each position which can only be sored once unless the fight is brought back to the feet so guys can't rack up points jumping from psition to position and coast for the rest of the match