Tips to make your battery last as long as possible

Here's how you make Lithium-Ion batteries work at their optimal capacity for as long as possible.


Keep the battery charge between 20-80%

Do not charge the battery till 100%

Not not discharge the battery till 0%

Best to do small top ups throughout the day. Small top ups are better than large charges.

Once every 2-3 months charge the battery to 100% discharge to 0%, charge again to 100%. This is in order to recalibrate the battery meter.

Is this from your personal experience or did you see this somewhere? 

I've kept my 2010 mac laptop at various stages and mostly plugged in...battery life is still very good. I'd say trying to follow these tips is a bit daft. But then again I didn't research it.


Keep it plugged in as long & as much as possible, the one & only correct answer. 20-80% is bullshit. Not going to 100% is bullshit. Recalibration is only for time-based meters. Avoid leaving it in the sun, or hot or wet environments.

I’d say 75 percent, trust me, I’m a doctor. 

I'm not poor so for me, I'll just spend a few bucks to get a new battery if I need to replace it instead of doing all this bullshit.

StankieEdgar -

Is this from your personal experience or did you see this somewhere? 

I'm just parroting what I read on some website, I think it was CNET, can't find it now. It was based on the data and advices from "Battery University".

Bag of rice.


close all apps when done and use 'power saving' mode on android which will dim the screen, reduce cpu power, disable background apps from connecting the the net and change screen from 4k to fhd or hd.