Tiramisu is a crappy dessert

Who meme’d @Kirik_Jr :joy::joy:

The educated palate understands that the shape and texture of a given pasta greatly affects the overall flavor and eating experience of the dish. How they retain sauce and the ratio of pasta to sauce to cheese matters, you sillies.

I dont call fat girls fat. Because I wants to give them humpins and be their best bud.

I use nicer terminology lol

The French may have the crappiest of countries but they do the best desserts. No comparison. Mille- feuilles, eclairs, tarte tatin, clafoutis, baba au rhum. Not to mention croissants and amazing bread.

Italy has cannolis. That’s about it.

I agree that the French are better at pastry as well. Jean Danet on 5th Ave in Bay Ridge was my go-to for French and Mannas ion 13th Ave for cannoli!

I agree that the french suck at everything. And soccer isnt a mans sport.

French bakeries are the very best on the planet but yes I agree on soccer, that is a sport for women and children.

Let’s give them dessert, bread, and pastries.

Their women are horny as hell too. They seem to cherish the Mata dick.