tire loaded floor

can someone post the steps and pictures of a tire loaded floor being
constructed. i want to construct one for my academy. thank you,

You need to talk to the Punk with the best little home dojo in Iowa. That is if he's not too busy preparing for the Resnick.

I will ttt the thread with the pictures for you. 



Foam blocks:



Send Gerald Lafon $10 for his plans. It's cheap and well worth it. The fact that you can get tires for free make this option better than the foam option. I would like to work out on a foam floor sometime though.

Feel free to contact me if you actually try to build a floor like this. I've built two of them now.


i am signing the lease on the property that i am putting my school in
today. i am definitely going to put in a tire floor. i need the extra
cushion for our players/fighters. the school will be sick...... GJJ, Judo,
Sub Grappling, Freestyle wrestling, Folk-style wrestling, and Greco.

i have a carpenter in the family so i will try to get as much free labour
and information from his as possible. but, i woul love to have as much
input from you as possible.

Thank you.