Tired of the booing

MMA must have the most uneducated fan base in professional sports. There was no reason to be booing Nelson vs Cormier.

i concur

the crowd there sucks

uhhh 80 percent of the fan base are drunk goons, the rest kinda know what's going on Phone Post 3.0

Tickets cost too much to watch guys cruise. Try to finish if you don't want to get booed. DC has skills, but the fans pay his salary. Phone Post

Imagine watching that Gil - Diego fight live, and then watching the Cormier fight. The bar was set high. Phone Post 3.0

I'm not however agreeing with booing. Phone Post 3.0

This isn't little league or kids with developmental disabilities where no one should boo their athletic endeavors.

These are entertainers.

You want competition?

Go watch ADCC or the Mundials and enjoy handshakes and pleasant supportive applause.

This is prizefighting with 1000 dollar tickets in a cage with fucking Bud Light logo in the middle.

Two guys fist fighting over a beer logo with drunk fans who paid a ton to see them fight?

Yeah, I'd expect a show too.

Sorry but Gil-Diego ought to be the standard for effort at this level.

Do I personally feel these guys should be booed?


But given all the above, it cannot be expected for a crowd to act like it's t-ball or something where every kid should feel like a winner for just suiting up. Phone Post

Agree with op. cant stand the booing. Especially with the fights they saw tnite! Phone Post 3.0