Tired of this sh*t

How can you give fight predictions while not backing up your picks? "GSP will win because he's the better fighter."????? And this shit is backed up by a TV network?

Proof positive that a vagina can get you anywhere.

 "GSP will win because he's the better fighter."


any smart fan knows that

Is this really associated with Spike, or did she just edit that in to give the vid some legitimacy and in turn some sponsorship as she asks at the end?

Very strange accent. No big deal though, the internet is full of people giving their predictions, just because she's a girl, shouldn't make hers any less worthy than the other useless opinions. Just ignore it.

 She's no Crooklyn

thanks for bringing that garbage here to torture the rest of us, jackass

Very strange accent.

 South African if I am not mistaken


Their myspace page:



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What a dumb fuckin bitch