Tired of Tyson Vs Wrestler X

I'm so tired of the Tyson would get killed by ANY wrestler threads actually the whole Tyson vs blah blah blah threads are gettin out of hand. Wrestlers are not invincible neither is Tyson...I've grappled wrestlers before (I've never wrestled in my life) they were bigger than me and didn't automatically have me pinned defenselessly to the gound and just to let you know I have two close friends who are great wrestlers ,one at 170 and one at 190 one finished gold in the state games the other caught third place ..When I grapple them (this is before my Judo experience/Jiu jitsu) they had to really work to get me down seeing as to the fact I had no desire to wrestle them down and just was happy seeing them struggle to get me down...the bottom line is raw athleticism vs skill...Tyson has demonstrated great balance and awareness of his space around him these skills may allow for him to drop a bomb before the "mystical and devastating" takedown occurs..just my 2 cents...

Mike Tyson being struck by a world class heavyweight champion relates to this thread about highschool wrestlers destroying him in what way??

And so how many shots were you able to fire off during these periods of takedown invulnerablility? Not many right?

Well, that's the same predicament Tyson would be in. I'm sure if he connected with a solid one he could KO anyone, but he didn't score too many KO's in the very first exchange of his boxing fights did he?

yeah tyson vs. x is a new thing on the UG.... yeah...

Lol exactly Tyson vs X is old...very old and tired ...Tyson is game that is all I'm saying




I wasn't throwing punches just preventing takedown .I am nowhere near the athlete tyson is... Do the math he'd shove them of and pound away my friends are state level wrestlers and I KNOW for a fact he'd kick their ass so the invincible wrestler crap must stop ...

dude.. your complaining that there are too many tyson vs xxx threads yet you start another one and keep it alive?


Charles...Why do you hate me?

i dont hate you just think you made a lame thread :). Your father actually would have some valid points if he didnt package it in a tool shaped wrapper.

This pic explains your hatred of tyson and boxing ... I'm predominantely a grappler now by the way. My game is complete minus kicks ...Its the fighter not the art fool..So all you wanna be deadly wrestlers and Bjj guys who would mangle Tyson are more like TMA guys than guys who see the reality of its not the art its the fighter .. you arm chair non penis seeing cause your beer gut covers your 1 inch cock ho's need to see the light . A superior athlete with one dimensional skills will WORK a common 1 day a week training in jiu jitsu or wrestling bum thats a near fact . Hard to swallow knowing that your dreams of being superman are crushed in your own mind.

People only big up their arts to make them feel better...For the record Coutoure , and many other REAL FIGHTERS would beat tyson...your every day schmoe who wants to be a superhero wont..


Wrestler X actually IM'd Tyson on AOL and they got together for a private session.

L-O_freakin L ... Your Father Lets say oe Jiu Jitsu who is an out of shape no cardio weak non game fucker. Ok picture painted of opponent number one . Now imagine him against a Highly skilled Powerful inshape boxer without ground skill who is aggresive yet skilled in his attack and has excellent timing and KO power.. Do you really think the crappy non game having non athlete would win just based on his art in a street fight???Between the Judo and Boc=xing bashing on this site I'm really begining to believe BJJ has the most INSECURE practitioners.....

I've sparred a wide range of styles and no one was more smug, arrogant , and condesending than BJJ and the old school kung fu guys.. So yes I'd put them in the same league..Not skill wise but maturity wise..

tapsforfood- lol at comparing running away from your wrestler friends to defending a takedown in mma. You admitted you were not throwing punches. Obviously you were not trying to take them down. Many people can avoid the takedown when they are moving away and avoiding contact.

Tyson could put any man to sleep with one punch. That is a fact. But Mike would have to be moving forward to strike his opponent. And any skilled wrestler would have just as good a shot at getting him to the ground because Mike is closing the distance for them.

"My game is complete minus kicks"


Ground control is correct.

My game is complete minus submissions, wrestling and striking. I have the stare down almost down to an art though.

"Tyson hasn't fought MMA, so any prediciton of what he would do, outside of what his peers have already done (or failed to do) is moot. What we do know for sure is that grapplers have dominated people like Tyson, and fairly easily."

What Grappler has dominated someone like Tyson? There is no one like Tyson. Art Jimmerson? Some Golden Gloves boxer TKO'ed Fabiano Iha. Dan Henderson although a wrestler beats BJJ with boxing. Igor beat Kerr with a knee, but he mostly punches. With the exception of Minotaro, BJJ hasnt done well in MMA in along time.

"With the exception of Minotaro, BJJ hasnt done well in MMA in along time."

LOL. Apart from that being incorrect, it's a function of the fact most fighters train BJJ too.

"Dan Henderson although a wrestler beats BJJ with boxing."

Hahah, yeah that has nothing to do with Dan's wrestling stopping the takedown.

Watch more MMA, then comment.

What I was trying to get at Pulsar is that BJJ by itself cant win anymore. Boxing by itself cant either. Watch the last UFC looked like a low quality kickboxing show. Pure BJJ dosent win anymore.