It seems everyone now tries to have some gimmick ie, Kung Fu stance,
eye poke , crane kick etc.. during the weigh ins these days and it's
becoming pretty lame.

I'm all for the fighters being relaxed and joking around but it just
seems like some guys try way to hard to do something funny or goofy.
Kind of played out IMO

Shut up. Its to make it fucking entertaining.

I enjoy the tomfoolery!

On the flip side, I want to see some Tyson/Lewis shit erupt at the weigh ins also. :)

So articulate Brigham!!

You are the same people that dont like Touchdown celebrations. For that, I challenge you to a dual Slaps you with White glove

Nicknitro- I think there should be a little of both. I'm not saying
everyone should act like Shamrock, if Forest did that it just wouldn't be
right. Luke is a quirky guy and it works for him. My gripe is more about
it seems fighters feel the need to have some kind of gimmick.

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"Youre not man enough to fuck with me"

The best line that Tyson has ever said and made me laugh the most

"If you dont like what I'm saying, turn off your station"

LOL it just makes me laugh every time.

LOL- "I'll fuck you till you love me ho"- that'll always be a classic.

"On the flip side, I want to see some Tyson/Lewis shit erupt at the weigh ins also. :) "

Wait til Shamrock/Tito weigh ins.

LOL...I forgot about the chair kicking

"I will rape you until you love me, ho!"

LOL-That's what he'd say when Robin Givens would ask him to talk
dirty to her.

"that's right, you scared like the little white bitch you are"