tires feel wobbly

just got my tires rotated. i swear they feel wobbly.

when i take a turn, it feels like the tires are going to fold over on themselves.

maybe they didn't balance them.


check your lug nuts! make sure they were tightened properly.

ask the shop who did it about their balancing equipment. ask them if the tires were balanced statically or dynamically; it makes a big difference.

could be a warped rim as well. check lugnuts first as para recommended, if that's not it you may need an alignment.

thanks. i'm going back today.

i read my car book, and online help account for symptoms. the car drives straight. when my hands aren't on the wheel and after i brake.


nope. an 02 grandprix.

took it to the shop. he said that since i drove on a tire that turned out to have a nail in it, it may have worn that tire faster than the others. it was no more than a week that i drove on it. but who could tell as it was during the frigid 0 degree weather in detroit.

also, all tire pressures may not have been the same.

i can tell they've maxed all the tire pressures. he took it for a drive with me.


all is well now.

trying to buy a house, so i'm going to buy this car and just babying it.