frens, i bought a new 2009 tl. it has 17 inch M+S bridgestone turanzas. will 19 inch summer bridgestone potenzas make a big handling difference.
the rain effect does not worry me as i am GOD in the wet. ;)

turanza's have an A traction rating and are a much smoother ride.

potenzas grip like hell but last like shit especially if your alignments off, in general the higher the performance tire the shittier they last. If money isn't a thing and you just want tires that grip like hell Potenzas will do it, if your going to be using expensive tires like this do yourself a favor and buy a $170 lifetime alignment package from a car shop and align it every 12-15k.

Personally I'd roll the turanza's.

Congrats on the new car by the way, TL's are the shit.

Where do they have this $170 lifetime alignment package you speak of? I've never heard of a lifetime package like that..but sounds awesome ass..

had forgotten about degradation. will stick w/ turanzas.

wrestlerguy, tires plus has it for $170, they had a coupon for $150 I saw once too, you can pay them $150 and have them align your car every month for free if you wanted. If you have a mercedes or bmw you have to get those aligned at a dealership, otherwise tires plus can align it just as well as the dealer.

and let me correct something I said about the Turanza's, I know the Turanza's with serenity have an AA rating, best you can get, definitely stick with the Turanza's.