Titans and Vikings Suspend Activities Covid

Titans had 8 positive tests, 3 players, 5 staff. Not sure if anyone is symptomatic. They played the Viking this past week, so both teams not doing stuff.

Is this the beginning of a trend and the end of the 2020 NFL season?

I am surprised it started to begin with. Maybe when the healthiest people on the planet don't drop dead from a virus with a .04% mortality rate...oh wait. Nevermind. I accidentally used logic.

So they have had one of the 5 coronaviruses the test picks up within the last 6 months

Better shut it all down


I saw that the NFL is making all players wear a wristband for contact tracing, so they should be able to identify everyone who could have been exposed. 


Of course that doesn’t account for one of those people touching a door knob or whatever and transferring it that way, so who knows. Will be interesting to see how this gets handled and what inpact it has in this week’s games. 


This madness has to stop eventually right? People are gonna get this shit forever. Gotta learn to live with it