Titans....The complete Package

Despite not having the best record in the NFL, they are playing the best football of any team in the NFL.MY reasoning for this is simple..Defense...Their Defense is dominating now...Put that together with their Potent offensive attack and well they are the best right now....KC is a great team, but with their defense they will not beat TN

Im waiting for all the die hard chief fans to make their case

Well I've watched KC's offense torched the following defenses that are statisticaly better than the titan's defense:


2. Pittsburg
3. Buffalo
7. Clevland

And while they didn't look great they did win against these defenses:

I think KC will beat them at arrowhead but I wouldn't be suprised if Tennesse won. They are a very very good team. It's just that KC is a very very very good team.

5. Denver
6. Baltimore

Tennesse is ranked 22 and is giving up 20.9 pts per game, and they only have 15 takeaways.

KC is ranked 27 but they are giving up only 16.9 pts per game. And lead the leage in takeaways by a long long margin, with 27. Also KC's offense and special teams are statistically better than the titans.

Note: these stats don't repersent today's games.

Tennessee has playerd a style of defense that transcends stats for several years now.

Another thing that has contributed to their low defensive ranking is that fact that they have only played in a couple of close games. They had a close game against New England and Oakland in week 1. Nothing else has been close. Teams rack up yards and points late. That is why the Titans are in the top 2 or 3 in the NFL in rushing defense. They crush the teams early teams go to pass only mode...and they put up a few yards and a few points.

You can say the same thing about KC too, except for the running part. In about half of thier games the offense hasn't bothered to come out for the second half, due to the big leads they have had. This allows teams to rack up stats late in the game.

"KC is a great team, but with their defense they will not beat TN"

TN is awsome, McNair is my fantasy QB and J. Fisher always has them working a good game, but if you can't realize this is the Chiefs planet and everyone else is just visitors, then your sorely mistaken. Chiefs have way more INT's and sacks, lower opponent score, don't hate, appreciate.

Trent Green or McNair?...hmmmm thats a tough one

Titans experience in the playoffs, chiefs no experience in the playoffs...hmmm another tough one

Titans schedule much tougher..

Brad Johnson & Trent Dilfer have won superbowls, Green is way better than them, it's the overall team not the QB you dumbass. Chiefs have experience in the playoffs what are you talking about?

Titans schedule isn't easier, Chiefs just make teams look bad.

That was the worst comeback I have ever read macdawg....Wtf, are u talking about, McNair is better than all three of the guys combined..How many playoff games have holmes, Green,and hall played in, im just curious?.....Titans have shredding teams of late including the panthers by 20 @ carolina and Miami by 24....Even Espn anaylysts believe the titans would beat the Chiefs....

a) the quarter back is not the entire team. b) your playoff experience really doesn't mean shit shit to me...and why should it? c) Tenn's schedule really isn't much harder than KC's aside from Indy.

We'll see. either you're a troll or post like a complete dick and I want to rip your motherfucking head off right now.

Well I was bored so I went and added up both team's opposistion's wins.

Titans opponents have 40 wins, while the chiefs opponents have 31 wins. Tennesse has played the tougher schedule, good for them. KC had the brutal schedule last year, so I'm glad they got an easy one this year.

Tennesse has played 2 of the elite 4 teams both on the road and lost both games. Carolina is a very good team but isn't considered by most press members to be on par with the fab four of the AFC. Miami is a good team but it is November and they are right on schedule with their annual meltdown, still Tennesse torched a damn good defense.

KC hasn't played any of the current elite teams, but they did win against a full strength denver. I think most would agree that if Denver wasn't shat upon by the football gods they would probably 7-2 and ranked above New England. KC also has a win at baltimore which will most likely win their division.

As for common opponents Both team's records are very similar. Both blew out Houston, and Pittsburg. While both teams won, but didn't look that good against the Raiders:


vs Pitt W 41-20
@ Houston W 42-14
@ Oakland W 17-10


@ Pitt W 30-13
vs Houston W 38-17
vs Oakland W 25-20

What does all of this mean? Basically IMO both teams are pretty damn even. Switch their scheduales and I wouldn't be suprised to see KC 7-2, and Tenn 9-0. I think if they played 2 games this year both would win at home, and lose on the road. So if things continue at their current rate I think KC defeats Tennesse in the AFC championship at Arrowhead stadium.

I could easily point out the mistakes in the posts above,but it would be a waste of my time...

MY Point is the Titans are finally healthy and It shows.

Experience in playoffs does matter.

They are the most physical team in football.

Btw, im no Titan fan, but I realize trying to convince Chief fans that they would loose, is a lost cause..

It will happen on the Field.

"Btw, im no Titan fan, but I realize trying to convince Chief fans that they would loose, is a lost cause.."

You still haven't proven anything. You are just saying the titan's will win and leaving it at that.

Let me tell u again, then go ahead and troll some one else..

Titans have a better QB, more physical Defense,and experience in the playoffs...the Chiefs are good, but they are in unfamiliar terriorty

Yeah I'm such a troll. Have you even read any posts? I give, up Tennesse will win because you say they will.

The title to this thread is misleading - The Titans are not (and neither is any other current NFL team) "The complete Package". But they may very well be the closest thing we have.

plz tell me their weakness, Hawkeyefan

Titans will win it all this year.

shadetree - Let me start with the fact that the combined record of the teams they have defeated is
26-37, which is a nice .413 winning %. Take away a suspect Carolina team with a good record (7-2) and that record drops to 19-35 (.352). So I think it is safe to say they haven't been beating up any powerhouses.

The teams they lost to were Indy (7-2) and New England (7-2). Those are obviously 2 playoff bound teams that the Titans will have to get through to make it to the Super Bowl that they have already lost to. Basically, they lost to every playoff contender in the AFC they have played (Miami is a borderline playoff team).

Now, I've said on other threads in this forum that McNair is my first half MVP. But the "rejuvinated" Eddie George better find a way to pick up more than 2.9 yards a carry if the Titans plan on keeping a lead in December & January. That's less than Emmitt, and we all know what kind of year he's having.

They are +12 in Take/giveaways. If that continues they will win most of their remaining games considering they have one of the softest schedules in the NFL. But to say they are the complete package is just wrong. Just the lack of a running game itself is enough to call this team flawed.

I think they do have a shot at winning it all, mostly because of McNair. But they are not the '85 Bears.