Title Fight for Jason Medina. (MFS

If Monte says it's a go (because he manages Jason), then i am looking for an opponent to fight Jason Medina for my vacant Title Belt under the name "Courage Fighting Championships" in Decatur, Illinois in June. This will be my 3rd Show but the 1st one under the name "Courage Fighting Championships" I have a vision and goal of what i want to accomplish in doing shows. My very high priority is taking care of the fighters, and making sure the fans have a good time. (it's common sense) No bullshit when your dealing with me. Jason Reinhardt

Good luck Jason.


Whats the date in June?

If the date works for me I would be possibly be interested.

Good to hear someone is trying to bring MMA back to the state of Illinois.

Good luck Jason

Good deal for Medina!!!
Reinhardt good luck with the show!!!