Title fight? What?!

1st mma fight and is already talking about a promoter stepping up and putting up money and a title fight? WTF?

please no Randy, i hope you werent listening... let fedor get his head bashed in first

Definitely will be a bidding war between Bodog, UFC and K1.

Brock only had a 1 fight contract.

Demanding a title fight is kinda silly but the guys does have "crossover" name appeal.

Sounds like hes pulling a Brandon Vera

I agree

"Definitely will be a bidding war between Bodog, UFC and K1."

I imagine that will depend on how many buys this PPV got.

Test his sub defense...put him up against Jeff Monson

Test his chin....KIMBO!!!!

Brock vs. Brandon!

brock vs. nog is a good idea.

Nog's eye is fine, no way would Nevada or Cali allow him to fight.

Vera v Brock has my vote as well

Pro Wrestlers will always be the kings of self promotion.

Better fight

Vera v Brock

Kimbo v Brock


Nog v Brock

Koshcheck is just as decorated a wrestler is he not, and he had to fight on tuf and then fight his way up the ladder, Lesnar should have to do the same, he is a beast but he fought a turd for mma.

id like to see brock v nog

Koscheck is a more decorated collegiate wrestler than Brock.

Thanks for the info CRE.

"Koshcheck is just as decorated a wrestler is he not"

Yeah, but Koscheck doesn't have quite the recognition of a WWE wrestler. He also doesn't outweigh the top 10 guys in his weight class by 40-50 pounds.

good analysis by valiant