Title fight you're most looking forward to? (PIC)

Such a great line-up of title fights, I can't wait!

Via. EA Sports UFC Facebook.

TJ and Barao

Want to see if he dominates again.

vitor vs weid


Aldo vs mcgregor Phone Post 3.0

Fear of a black planet. Phone Post 3.0

Aldo vs McGregor all day. Phone Post 3.0

Jbj vs Johnson then aldo vs mcgregor then tj vs brandao Phone Post 3.0

Barao *^ Phone Post 3.0

Aldo vs. McGregor

Conor vs Aldo all day

1)Rumble vs Bones
2)Vitor vs Weidman Phone Post 3.0

Aldo vs. McGregor

Kirik -

Aldo vs. McGregor

Yep all day Phone Post 3.0

Aldo vs. McGregor > all

Aldo vs McGregor Easily.

But I think it would be cool to see either Ronda, Pettis or Jon losing.

Aldo vs. McGegor and Pettis vs. RDA. Phone Post 3.0

Aldo/McGregor then Jones/Rumble. Easy.

Sombra21 - Aldo/McGregor then Jones/Rumble. Easy.
Dis Phone Post 3.0

Jones vs Rumble. With AJ practicing his eye poke defense, and seems like he just has to hit you once, thats gonna be a suspenseful fight

Though Aldo vs McGregor gonna be awesome Phone Post 3.0