Title shots in Smackdown 5?

I'm on the Smackdown show as the old Undertaker, and have the U.S. and tag titles, but Stephanie McMahon says that I'm too involved in a story line when I ask for a title shot. I have a superstar rating of 100. How do I get a shot at the world title?

Are you fighting with any certain wrestler?
Like are you having a feud with a certain character on the game?

I've had what feels like a million matches with Benoit and Edge, both singles and tag. That seems to me to be one of the aspects of the game that is unfortunately too much like the real show...the same guys fighting each other over and over. I like the game though.

Wow sounds really advanced plot wise. If smackdown has as good controls as the 64 games did I'd be all over that.

The plot stuff and graphics are very advanced compared to the N64 games.
I don't think the controls feel as smooth or intuitive as the games for the N64 did though. That said, after getting used to it, I'm having fun with the game. But I don't think that four people who never played it could sit down and have as much fun with it as they did with the THQ WCW and WWF n64 games.

It's strange indeed. Part of it may be the controller, but it's really about the engine. PS2 wrestling games have a more "sliding" feel where it's all about the flow of movement. The N64 ones felt like you were controlling a real man, "heavier" if you will. I never liked the smackdowns or even gamecube wwf games. I tolerated them cause the crazy match options and real video was cool, but nothing beats wrestlemania 2000, I liked that better than no mercy. I had been playing those competitively since wcw/nwo world tour came out.

I wish they could combine the old N64 control feel with the Smackdown series...I heard that the Def Jam game has similar control, but I'm not as interested in a game filled with rappers.

I ended up winning the world title last night...Basically Rey Misterio stepped up to me in the locker room, then Pearl Harbored me after a match. Then I had to fight in a tag tournament with him as my partner, and if we won, we could face each other for the shot at Angle. We did, I beat him, and am now the champ (despite Rey interfering in the title match which was a pain).

the N64 games were made my AKI....THQ switched over to Yuke's to make the Smackdown games.....

Last year AKI made Def Jam Vendetta that uses the same controls as the old N64 games....

NWA-TNA has signed with EA Sports to make an NWA-TNA game,the same EA that had AKI work on Vendetta,let us pray.

*reads Crazyfoo4U's post, begins spanking monkey furiously*

The same EA who made the last couple of WCW games on Playstation?

*Watches BubbaRayGracie go limp.*

You guys are all correct beyond words. The n64 WM2000 more then any was the best wrestling game ever!

Except for No Mercy.