Tito 2.0 would smash Liddell

I dont think its tito 2.0, its chuck 2.0, tito has stayed roughly the same, its chuck that has changed, he has lost his jaw and his "unbeatable reputation" and mystique. Im tito all the way, i think he had a decent chance in the first fight, he was doing good until they eye poke (call it an excuse or woteva but fact is the eye poke WAS the reason he lost), and the second fight was tight until the final flurry, tito all the way in the 3rd fight :) woot tito! Phone Post


 Stopped reading there : )

Chris Leben > Prime Wanderlei -
LesnarPWNSNog - Nah I like Tito but Chack will always have his number


Your name sucks Phone Post

Hahaha im not even offended, good post haha Phone Post

Wow, a Sherdog.net thread! I always wanted to know what one looked like.

 Tito 2.0 LOL

You kids.....

BuyTheTicketTakeTheRide hahahaha great post haha im not even offended. Im not against chuck fans, each to their own hahah Phone Post

Tito was getting the better of Chuck in the stand up till he got eye poked. He also got eye poked in the 2nd fight, but not many people talk about that.